Monday, September 26, 2011


The cassette version of The Disruption Writ is officially in stock. It contains the same four songs as the CD, plus all-new artwork, an ambient intro not included on the disc & a vinyl sticker. Artwork is hand-stamped on blue metallic stock. Available in a hand-numbered edition of 100. Please use the drop-down menu to find the appropriate ordering info for your country.

Postpaid prices

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bay Area Beware

We are pleased to announce that we'll be playing our first-ever Bay Area show at the Metro in Oakland on October 15th with EVANGELISTA & the almighty OXBOW. It'll be the DVD release party for our good friend Kenneth Thomas' new music documentary, Blood, Sweat + Vinyl: DIY in the 21st Century. Rumor has it that a certain member of Ides Of Gemini appears in the film, wasted off his tits & running his mouth at length when he clearly should've kept it shut. As usual.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 29th @ The Handbag Factory

If you squint really hard at this flyer, you just might be able to tell that we're playing this gigantic art opening at the Handbag Factory in downtown L.A. on September 29th. All three members of Ides Of Gemini will also have pieces hanging in the show, alongside such esteemed musician folk as Austin Barber from Saviours, Wino from Saint Vitus/Premonition 13 and Eugene Robinson from Oxbow. We could be wrong, but we're pretty sure it's FREE.