Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Disruption Writ EP now available

It only took us two months to print & assemble, but our debut EP, The Disruption Writ, is finally ready for dissemination. This four-song compact disc is limited to 100 hand-numbered, hand assembled copies on silver stock w/ heavy black lyric and photo inserts in a Japanese resealable sleeve. $8 post-paid anywhere in the US

UPDATE 1/19/11: This item is SOLD OUT, but we will have a second edition of 100 in a new color scheme available in two weeks. Any orders placed after this update will be considered pre-orders and the EP will ship as soon as we have it. Thank you, and good night...

The Disruption Writ

1. Martyrium Of The Hippolyt
2. Slain In Spirit
3. The Vessel & The Stake
4. Resurrectionists

Thank you,

Ides Of Gemini


  1. Hello and merry christmas !
    I'd be interested in ordering your EP but I live in France. How much would it cost to ship it there?

  2. Hello and merry xmas to you as well. The Ides EP would be US $11 post-paid to France...

  3. Alright, at what adress can I paypal you the money?

  4. or just click on the "Buy Now" button above. Thank you!

  5. Have you seen the article about you on Invisible Oranges?